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Should you or your firm be interested in partnership opportunities with an Olympic Sport that places extremely high values on commitment, teamwork and camaraderie, please contact the SRL at partnership.

Finland Rugby is proud to work with the following companies:

Macron Sportswear

Olemme erittäin tyytyväisiä solmimaamme sopimukseen SRL:n kanssa. Macron Finland haluaa paikallisena tavarantoimittajana tukea seuran toimintaa ja menestystä. Uskon, että Macronin arvot – sitoutuminen, intohimo ja avoimuus – ovat hyvinä eväinä monivuotiselle yhteistyöllemme”, sanoo Henri Taimi Turun Macron Storesta.
“We are extremely happy to have agreed a deal with the SRL. Macron Finland being the local supplier they are better placed to support the union. I believe that Macron’s values – commitment, passion and openness – are key to a successful multiyear partnership” told Henri Taimi from the Macron store in Turku

Macron S.p.A.
Macron is an Italian sports clothing company founded in 1971. Macron’s head office’s are situated in Bologna, Italia, the company distributes globally with its 150 employees. There are currently 1200 local Macron stores with 20 of those in Europe. Macron’s market is with 20000 ball sport teams around the world, main sports being football, basketball, volleyball, rugby and handball. the Macron Store situated in Turku entered business in October 2012 and in august of 2016 will move to new premises in the Macron Arena. In January 2017 a new Macron Store will be opened in Helsinki

Aussie Bar

For many many years Aussie Bar has been one of the main supporters of Finnish rugby.
Supporting and sponsoring Arctic Rugby, local clubs etc, not to mention
going out of their way to ensure that locals can watch all the
international live rugby matches.

Aussie bar is now going International in 2016 with its bars, starting in Sweden.
Aussie Bar brand celebrates its 10 year anniversary in June 2016.
Currently we have two Aussie Bars in Helsinki, One in Tampere
and a huge Aussie Ship “JeNNY” in Turku.

Aussie Bar is now looking for Franchisees for concept theme bars throughout Europe.
If your interested go to Franchising

Aussie Bar wishes all Rugby teams inside Finland the best for the 2016/2017 sessions.

Good luck to the Finnish National Team this year.
Go get them boys.

Bejay Visser
CEO, Co-Founder, Owner.

MMK-Rakenne Oy
Exercise and sport help youth and adults to ‘go’ in an ever changing world. Supporting youth and adults this way fits in with MMK-Rakenne Oy’s values. The Finland National Team is one of the adult sports team that our company supports.

Pirjo Kosonen, MMK-Rakenne Oy


Eerikkilän Sports Institute

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