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Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jyvaskylarugbyclub/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jyvaskylarugbyclub/
Website: http://www.jklrugby.fi/

About the team:

Jyväskylä Rugby Club is one of the oldest rugby club in Finland. We have been playing rugby since 2000 and ladies joined the team in 2005.The values of our teamwork, discipline, enjoyment, respect and sportsmanship. They can be seen in everything we do whether it is playing or watching rugby or enjoying the third half in town.
Harjoitusajat/Training times
tiistaisin ja torstaisin klo 20:45-22:00 Killerin kuplahallissa
tuesday and thursday 8:45pm – 10pm in Killeri indoor dome

tiistaisin ja torstaisin klo 19:15-20:45 Huhtasuon liikuntapuisto
tuesday and thursday 7:15pm – 8:45pm in Huhtasuon liikuntapuisto

Email Jyväskylä Rugby

Coaching Team:


Joukkueenjohtaja/Team manager
– Jussi Jokitalo – 044 304 1839
– Robert Hussey


Joukkueenjohtaja/team manager
– Reetta Pulli – 050 522 8018
– Niina Tikkanen – 041 547 7721




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