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SAIMAA SHARKS Rugby Club is a start up rugby club in Etela-Karjala in South East Finland. The name originates from the location of the teams territory. Which is home to the southern part of lake Saimaa, also Finlands largest and most notorious lake. There was previously no sharks before but now they are back!

If you are an experienced, moderate or novice player the end result is the same, we are never too old, young or good enough to keep on learning how to play rugby.

SSRC will have a mens team and a ladies team. Initially for VII rugby but if progress is made and if numbers allow then moving up to XV rugby will not be an issue.

Rugby is a team spirit and friendly environement; however the game remains physical and will be full of challenges and novelties. If you like comradary, team play and getting rough then this is the game for you.

Lets make this team work and show the rest of Finnish rugby how Etela-Karjalan teeth feel!

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Head Coach:
Men: John Poole & Olli Vartö
Women: Sara Tolonen & Chris Meintjes



Men’s 2nd Division East League


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