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The game of 7’s Rugby was one of the new sports to be included in the 2016 Olympics, held in Rio de Janeiro. Finland has had great success on the European circuit in recent years and Olympic qualification for future Games remains a long term goal. The women’s 7’s National Team began a new development cycle in 2017 with the appointment of a new staff and new goals. The head coach of the 7’s team is Bam Hennessy. Assistant coach is Mikko Aalto. Physiotherapist is Marika Nieminen.

The National Team squad is chosen yearly in the autumn through a combination of selection camps and performance in the thriving domestic 7’s competition that has grown under the guidance of Miina Porkka. The squad trains throughout the winter and spring at Eerikkila Sports Institute, before taking part in several tournaments throughout Europe during spring and summer. The team currently competes in Rugby Europe’s Trophy competition.

The 2017 Squad

Ulla Tuomainen

Jonna Ritala

Sofia Ukkonen

Anna Soiluva

Milla Ryhta

Kati Miettinen

Heidi Koskinen

Oona Tolppanen

Emmi Ovaskainen

Kaisla Parkkinen

Laura Kultala

Heidi Tuomisto

Ida Herrgård

Lilli Tikkanen

Miina Porkka

Mira Saarikoski

Sanna-Kaisa Lintu

Riikka Nurminen

Eeva Pohjanheimo

Ifeoma Kulmala

More info about the team can be sourced from the Team Manager; tmwomen7(@)rugby.fi


During the 3 year cycle leading up to the qualification process for Rio, the team achieved, and no doubt surpassed, it’s aim within the 3 year period. The 2013 team rose from the European Division B to Division A, winning the tournament held in Bratislava. In 2014 the Division A tournament was held in Bergen, whereby the team finished a comfortable 6th place. In 2015 the team went above the self-set expectations by finishing in 2nd place and the Division A tournament held in Kaunas. Finishing in 2nd place elevated the team to the European Top 12 for the 2016 season. The team also secured a placement in the European Olympic Qualifiers, held in Lisbon


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