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Rugby in Finland

Welcome to the pages of the Finnish Rugby Federation
Rugby is one of the world’s most followed sports and is growing rapidly in Finland also. 2015 saw the Rugby World Cup being hosted by England and it gathered record crowds with ticket sales of over 2.5 million. The average attendance per game was 50000 and in total 4 billion pairs of eyes watched the spectacle.

In Finland during the winter months we play 7’s (7 players on the pitch) and in the summer we play 15’s (15 players on the pitch). Our sport suits to all body shapes and mind-sets and we warmly welcome you to try and love this great respectful sport.

During the summer of 2016 you probably saw Rugby played in Rio Olympics. The 7´s Rugby seen there is a fast paced & highly technical sport.
Our very own Women’s 7’s; “Raivottaret”, made it through to the European Qualification process. Unfortunately that is as far as we got. However, Rugby is also included in the 2020 Olympics – we will be there!

The National Men’s team are represented in 15’s. They play in Rugby Europe´s Conference 2 North pool and are accompanied by Denmark, Norway and Estonia.

Finnish Rugby Clubs gladly arrange beginners courses and lessons for potential youth players. For the youth, lessons are in the form of non-contact tag rugby which can also be played by adults. Contact your nearest rugby club and they will assist to arranging sessions for your school.
A list of all clubs can be found here: http://www.rugby.fi/clubs/

Welcome to Rugby!
Jens Willadsen
Finnish Rugby Federation

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