Women’s 7’s Domestic Series

Vantaa 7’s – First leg of Women’s 7s Championship The first leg of the women’s 7’s championship in 2015 was played in Myyrmäkihalli, Vantaa on Jan 6, organised by Vantaan Salamapallo rugbyklubi. Six teams from five clubs participated: Helsinki, Tampere, Vaasa, VASP, Warriors Black and Warriors Gold. Jyväskylä, Pori and Turku were also represented as [...]

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Finland-Norway Match Report

On a bleak Saturday in Myllypuro, The Finland Senior Men's National Team were preparing to kick off their 2014-16 ENC 2D season again Norway. Finland were feeling confident after finishing the 2012-14 season on a high by comfortably beating Bosnia in Turku and securing a place in the 2D competition. From the moment the referee [...]

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A picture tells a 1000 words

Finland faced Norway in the 1st match of the 2014-16 ENC 2D season.  and, they rocked it.  Winning 32-10. This was a massive win for Finland, not having beaten Norway since 1991. This win will move them up to 98th in the IRB official rankings, 1 place behind Norway and also to 2nd place in [...]

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Men’s squad against Norway

The following persons have been selected to represent Finland in the upcoming game against Norway, to be played at Myllypuro on 04.10.2014 FORWARDS Mikael Ahola Karl Filtness Janne Heinänen Robert Hussey Aaro Katainen Mauno Konttila Aleksi Laitinen Juha Rainvuori Marko Sallert Kalle Salminen Semu Salmivalli Kalle Valimäki Marko Vikstedt BACKS Tumppi Finell Christiaan Freeman Arsi [...]

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New Head Coach for the Senior Men’s National Team

It is with great pleasure that the Suomen Rugbyliitto can announce the appointment of the new Head Coach for the Senior Men’s National Team Finland. This position is effective immediately and is concluded after great deliberation from the Technical Director and a panel of 4 independent reviewers to ensure correct procedure has been followed. The [...]

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Men’s team to face Bosnia i Herzegovina in Turku, 31.05.2014

The following players will represent the Men's National Team in the final encounter of the ENC 2D season for 2012-14 against Bosnia i Herzegovina in Paavo Nurmi Stadium, Turku on 31.05.2014. A win secures placement in 2D for Finland, a loss sees relegation to the pool of doom: Aaro Katainen Aleksi Laitinen Antti Lammi Antti [...]

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Women’s National Team to face French Defense team on 31.05.2014 in Turku

The following players are selected to play for the Women's NT 15 against the French Defense in Paavo Nurmi Stadium, Turku on 31.05.2014 Teija Alasalmi (C) Karoliina Levy Eeva Haikola Sara Tolonen Emilia Snåre Marianna Latvala Niina Tikkanen Johanna Wiksten Jonna Tynjälä Bea Lindell Janni Tuominen Elisa Salonen Jenni Sjöroos Piia Vuorinen Jenni Mäkirinta Alisa [...]

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Women’s 7’s EC squad announced

Women’s 7s EC squad announced Women’s rugby 7s European Championship (Division A) will be held on the 7th and 8th of June 2014 in Bergen, Norway. The following players have been selected to represent Finland in the tournament: Anna Soiluva (WRC) Eveliina Sapattinen (JRC) Juuli Suominen (WRC) Kati Miettinen (TRC) Maria Huitti (WRC) Mira Saarikoski [...]

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